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Customer Feedback Tool

Aiming to turn customers into promoters, incentivising increased customer referrals , improved customer engagement , brand awareness and loyalty.

CTF provides valuable insights delving into customers' experience, perceptions and expectations regarding the quality and service implanting one solution for comments, reporting metrics in real-time. Specifically, through the use of CTF, data on complaints, customer preferences, loyalty rewards, ad and campaign evaluation, new launches evaluation and brand connectors and disconnectors , among others, will be collected for research purposes.

Enables companies to have a real time direct and immediate form of connection with customers, empowering the improvement of customer experience & service quality. Offering a solution to driving customer retention whilst adding customer lifetime value. Working directly with the target consumers , encouraging them to engage with brands

Live  reporting and automatic feedback monitoring, through the Customer Feedback Tool in addition to live pre-defined red flag alerts, will enable the delivery of tailor-made reports to multiple levels of management, to inform them of any quality shortfalls for a proactive response, endorsing strategic businesses decisions.

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