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Mystery Shopper

Data is recorded real time by mystery shoppers providing a reliable objective method employed with the aim of identifying a comprehensive evaluation of the shoppers' in-store experience.

Based on the prerequisites and specifications put forward, the parameters that need to be investigated are defined for each relevant variable.Subsequently, the questionnaire is designed on the basis of the specified variables and parameters that are in accordance with the research objectives.

In order to achieve completion that is up to standard with the demands of the project, specialised training will take place to the experienced researchers who will execute the mystery shopper visits.

The electronic questionnaire provided for the project will include specific characteristics that have been used in previous projects of a similar background, and have been successful in reducing errors and increasing the reliability and validity of the findings.

Abstract Structure_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Compatible with the Android & Apple operating system.

Ability to download and send via 3G data.

Ability to support different types of questions.

Ability to upload pictures and audio.

Ability to showcase video ( in order to be evacuated)

Automated control - validation of data.

Ability to extend, modify etc through the use of a specialised software, even while completing the questionnaire.

Since the software offers the possibility to follow the data in real time, quality control is easier and more effective.

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