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In today’s world, businesses are evaluated as much by their societal contributions as by their financial performance. Since 2002, IMR/University of Nicosia™ has assisted the nation’s decision-makers in their ever-demanding need for insightful decisions. Leveraging over 20 years of market research expertise, our Social Impact Strategy services help clients create meaningful and lasting positive change in their communities and beyond. We design and implement strategies that not only elevate brands but also foster significant social contributions. Adopting our Social Impact Strategy framework and engaging stakeholders effectively is crucial. It aligns mission with purpose, demonstrating a commitment to positive impact while enhancing reputation and trust, and driving innovation and growth.


Stakeholder engagement plays a multifaceted role in driving social impact. Drawing on our extensive experience in stakeholder dialogue and engagement, we foster inclusivity and collaboration, ensuring all voices are heard, aiding in identifying key social issues, and helping craft inclusive strategies. Collaborating with stakeholders builds resilient communities and creates shared value, ultimately strengthening relationships and networks. Moreover, regular dialogue enhances accountability and transparency, keeping organizations aligned with their goals. Through ongoing engagement, stakeholders amplify social impact, creating a ripple effect of positive change.
At IMR/University of Nicosia™, we leverage our comprehensive range of services to develop effective Social Impact Strategies. We begin with a thorough needs assessment to identify key social issues and stakeholder concerns. We then create detailed stakeholder engagement implementation plans that are continuously monitored and evaluated to ensure effectiveness and allow for necessary adjustments. By sharing successes and challenges with stakeholders, we ensure ongoing engagement and continuous improvement.
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